Compiz and vanished animations in Jaunty

I figured I should probably mention this in case anyone has this problem and is stupid enough not to see the solution like I did...

I recently upgraded my system to Ubuntu Jaunty, and noticed that a ton of window animations in compiz had disappeared. This, of course, frustrated me, as the burn animation is my personal favorite and the one I use on all normal windows.

For some reason (and I can't figure out why), the animation add-ons appear to be disabled by default in Jaunty. Or maybe it happened when it upgraded compiz, I'm not really sure and I don't know enough about Ubuntu to say. But either way, enabling the animation add-ons fixed the problem. So anyone out there, if you're all the sudden missing a ton of animations, make sure that animation add-ons is enabled before you go to irc.freenode.net/#ubuntu and make a royal idiot of yourself.

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