JMLogo - A Logo interpreter for mobile phones

These last few days, I've been working on JMLogo, a Logo interpreter for mobile phones. It's UI is somewhat based around the UI of Microsoft Windows Logo, but there are some changes. Currently, you can't create procedures, and it only has a limited set of built-in commands.

JMLogo is a MIDlet, so it will only work on Java-enabled phones. The Motorola razr v3 and the Pantech C300 both support JMLogo, although there's currently a bug that prevents JMLogo from starting up on the razr. JMLogo will not work on Verizon phones.

To download JMLogo, open your mobile phone's browser and go to http://trivergia.com/jml.jad and install it. If you have Sun's Wireless Toolkit installed, then you can go to that URL in your regular computer's browser, and a mobile phone emulator will open and run JMLogo.

I'm planning on releasing this as open-source, although I don't know when I'll get around to it. If anyone would like the code for the logo command interpreter itself, or for the whole JMLogo MIDlet, contact me, or post a comment, and I'll get around to releasing it as open-source sooner.

If it doesn't work for you, send me a comment. I just started work on this a few days ago (Monday to be precise), so it's bound to be full of bugs.

I'll be adding support for editing and saving programs, and editing and saving procedures within those programs.

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