Pastebin API for Java

For those out there that would like to access pastebin.com from within a java class to create, read, and delete posts, I decided to write a class that does just that. Currently, it only creates pastebin posts, but I'm working to add functionality to read and delete posts as well.

You can download the current version at http://code.google.com/p/jwutils/source/browse/trunk/projects/jzbot/src/org/opengroove/jzbot/utils/Pastebin.java. This will automatically update as I add more code to the class.

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Brian said...

Hey, I am the Dev of a minecraft server plugin for Bukkit called SpamGuard. I was wondering if I could use a modified version of your code in my plugin for error reporting.

You would receive credit and a link to your blog, if you wish.

Thanks in advance!

- Chrono7